Did You Know?

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Interesting Pediatric Dental Factoid #1

Common bathroom products can be deadly to your child. Many mouthwashes contain up to 30% alcohol and can cause alcohol poisoning in small children. It is important to keep your mouthwashes up high and out of the reach of your children.

Interesting Pediatric Dental Factoid #2

Did you know that Gatorade contains as many as 16 teaspoons of sugar in every sports bottle? That is enough to fill a plastic snack bag! This liquid sugar penetrates the sides of teeth and can be a big contributor to dental decay especially in teenagers.

Interesting Pediatric Dental Factoid #3

Cereal can have as much as 15 grams of sugar per serving. Chocolate candy bars can have as much as 30 grams per serving. A 12-ounce glass of Cranberry Juice Cocktail can have 48 grams per serving. The average American consumes 147 pounds of sugar per year. That means most people consume a half-pound of sugar per day.

Interesting Pediatric Dental Factoid #4

Dental decay can set in within 24 hours. That means it is worth it to get up and brush your teeth.

Interesting Pediatric Dental Factoid #5

Worn toothbrushes do not do a good job of cleaning your teeth. Brushes should be replaced every 2-3 months for children because they wear their brushes out sooner.

Interesting Pediatric Dental Factoid #6

Brushing alone means half your tooth is untouched and remains unclean. Flossing and brushing together is the only way to make sure your teeth are clean.

Interesting Dental Factoid #7

Fluorine, from which fluoride is derived, is the 13th most abundant element and is released into the environment naturally in both water and air.

Interesting Dental Factoid #8

It is best to floss before brushing to remove plaque and loosen debris from the tooth surface. 

Interesting Dental Factoid #9

Cap the paste but not the brush. Covering the brush can trap moisture and encourage bacteria growth. Yeah, we know. Gross, huh?

Insteresting Dental Factoid #10

Americans spend $100 billion per year on hair care products – and only $2 billion a year on dental care products. What good is great hair without a great smile?

Interesting Dental Factoid #11

If flossing properly, the average person should use 122 yards of floss per year. Twenty-eight percent of people claim to floss daily, but annual sales data shows only an average of 18 yards of floss are sold per person. We think someone’s fibbing.

Interesting Dental Factoid #12

Royal smile -there is someone whose job includes squeezing Prince Charles’s toothpaste onto the royal toothbrush. That someone is Michael Fawcett, the prince’s personal valet. Since Fawcett is, according to various news reports, the only person Charles trusts with this awesome responsibility, one must presume that the heir to the throne’s dental hygiene declines precipitously whenever the valet goes on vacation. [MSNBC.com]

Interesting Dental Factoid #13

In children under age 16, regular brushing with fluoridated toothpaste results in 24 percent fewer cavities than does brushing with non-fluoridated toothpaste. (Cochrane.org)